Finals Awards 2024, 2023 & Testimonials

AWARDS 2024 Finals

Pre-Vocational one

1. Tabitha Evans

2. Rosie Zhang

3. Etta Hernandez & Dolly-mae Quillan

Special mention for excellent Contemporary - Sara glick and Sienna Hodgeson


TRING PARK scholarship for Easter/Summer to Dolly- Mae Q


Vocational One

1. Poppy Griggs

2. Bruno Cokeliss & Megan Jarvis

3. Tienne Campbell



Finn Anderson


TRING PARK SCHOLARSHIP Easter/Summer to Isobel Dooner


Vocational Two

1. Scarlett Monahan

2. Neve White

3. Caitlin Le Roux & Rafferty Ebury

Special mention for Contemporary - Ella porter

TRING PARK Encore tickets - Valentina Burns



1. Christie Anderson

2. Masie Fletcher & Charlotte Bean



Sophie Stewart


MENTORING AWARDS for excellenet performances and promise shown

Mentor James Streeter ENB

Dancer Fyfe Skinner


Mentor Isabelle Brouwers ENB

Dancers Jemima Vaughan, Anna Carey & Eve Raynor


Mentor Ruth Brill

Dancer Lottie Pitcher


The Royal Ballet School Asssociates & Courses TBA soon!

English National Ballet School courses TBA soon!


London Children's Ballet Tickets

Tabitha Evans


Course Awards Ballet Boost Back to Ballet 30%

Alice Craggs, Maisie Fletcher & Lily Routledge


Course Awards Ballet Boost Back to Ballet 50%

Ella Mitchell, Tabitha Evans & Alyssia Power


Course Awards Back to Ballet 100%

Sara Glick, Poppy Griggs & Gabriella Wilson


Course awards The Performance Platform Summer School 50%

Alyssia Power, Sara Glick, Neve White & Nell Jones


Performance Platform Masterclasses - 20% off

Lily Routledge, Doris Garrod & Florence Haswell



To be announced soon!



Oustanding Performance Awards 2023

Tabitha Evans

Holly Pryke -Smith

Keavie Holliday


Prize Winners


1st - Mirabelle Hogan

2nd - Bruno Cokeliss

3rd - Lois Pankhurst


Vocational 1

1st - Eva Eloise Harvey

2nd - Shio Yoshioka

3rd - Neve White


Vocational 2

1st - Jiah Kwon

2nd - Milan Kadrok

3rd - William Roberts



1st - Kazusa Murayoshi

2nd - Lucie Apicella-Howard

3rd - Dita Richardson



Gary Avis - Bruno Cokeliss & Isobel Dooner

Yosvani Ramos - Lisa G, Emma H & Thea M

Isabella Brouwers - Maisie F 7 Isla Mcleod

Anita Young - Sammantha P

Leanne Cope - Charlotte Parrish

Emma Northmore - Eloise H & Mirabelle H


Scholarship to Central School of Ballet Easter course

Tamsin AH, William R & Holly P

Invitation to join NYB - Lois Pankhusrt

The Capezio Dance kit Award - Sara Glick

Tickets to watch LCB - Alyssia Power

A Summer place at YBSS - Kian N

Invitation to Performance Platform Summer School

Tienne C, Olivia T, Vayana Y, Beatrice I, Milan K and Etta H-R.

Various other scholarships have been awarded for training too!


2023 February

The Performance Platform journey has been so worthwhile.

Two amazing masterclasses with fabulous teachers, lots of support and encouragement from all involved, new frineds made, new venues danced in, an all-roiund enjoyable experience!!

Mother of a Vocational one finallist

I really enjoyed my Performance Platform experience from start to finish. The team are kind and the atmosphere of the competition is calm and positive. It was really exciting dancing my solos in such beautiful theatres. Learning a variation is challenging but so much fun and the feedback from the prelim panel really focussed me on areas I could improve on the stage and in the studio.

I also loved watching all the other dancers and learnt alot from them all. It is a lovely competition to watch!

It has all been such a positive experience and I look forward to next year.

Tabitha Evans - Winner of The Outstanding Performance Award Pre Vocational 2023