PP Masterclass Series

I am very excited to bring you a new series of masterclasses designed to fill a particular void in training provision currently.

These masterclasses purposefully expose the dancers to a variety of guest teachers who will all be offering their insights and professional experience to the next generation of dancer.


What’s Included?

  • The focus will be on upper body, dynamics and artistry within a fast-paced ballet class for stamina, speed of picking up and application of self that is essential for success in the industry.
  • Followed by a solos class which will ensure dancers develop technique, coachability, artistic integrity and understanding of presentation skills.

Whilst also fostering a culture of respect for each other whilst they each work through their own strengths and weaknesses. We aim to develop dancers that will reach out and help their peers and an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

Each masterclass will incorporate opportunities to perform to their peers; providing a certain degree of exposure and experience in handling their nerves and own confidence demons - this takes practise!


Dates                       INDIVIDUAL dates may be selected via the application form

23rd Sept                              6th Jan                        20th April

7th Oct                                  20th jan                      11th May

14th Oct                                3rd Feb                        1st June

18th Nov                               2nd March                    29th June

9th Dec                                 16th March



The Structure

Ages 13 plus /year group 9 and over as of Sept 23 – Group 2

9.30am – 12.15 @£45 Solos starts at 11am

Ages 10 – 12/13 Year groups 6 to 8 as of Sept 23 – Group 1

NB. There is an opportunity for exceptional 9 year olds via video aud.

12.30 -2.45pm @£40 Solos starts at 1.45pm

These classes are selective via photographs – they don’t need to be professional pictures but please have them ready to attach.

When you pay please ref Childs surname and the intials PPMS

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