About Us

The Performance Platform - an exciting new ballet competition held in the UK. 

An event designed to provide an unmissable opportunity for aspiring dance students to be seen by world renowned ballet professionals, whose invaluable feedback will enhance each individual dancer attending this exciting new competition.

Performance Platform will be a yearly competition, providing young talented dancers with the opportunity to be observed over time, as they grow and transform artistically and technically. The competition allows the panel to see improvements made, and for all our dancers to shine in their chosen art form. 

The Platform is an esteemed training opportunity, as well as an event in which teachers and their students can meet, ask questions and feel a sense of support and community.

The Performance Platform is a vocational ballet competition, matching opportunities available to international students but designed for UK based dancers to be observed in a performance setting.

This opportunity ensures dancers will have the ability to achieve the necessary skill level to succeed in their school of choice and provides them with a clearer pathway to obtaining employment as a professional ballet dancer. 

Each dancer who performs within the competition will receive a written report and ongoing support where future advice is needed. The same will be available for their teachers.

With the Performance Platform, we are looking forward to creating a sense of community, enabling all the talented students to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Two Day Event - Breakdown


Day one starts with a daily class. This will not be judged at the preliminary stage of the competition but will be judged during the final stage.

During day one, participating dancers will receive a masterclass focusing on artistic elements in preparation for day two, delivered by special guest teachers.

Teachers will be able to observe the masterclasses, which can also serve as CPD, for which certificates are provided.

The masterclasses will allow young dancers to settle into their stage space with a real audience. This will develop their ability to deal with experiences including how to handle nerves and the emotions that come with being on stage, safety aspects, and tips and tricks that will allow dancers to give their best performance the following day. Day one will see acclaimed professionals passing on years of industry knowledge to the next generation.

Day two will revolve around the presentation of the dancers’ solos in a competition setting. Awards will be given across 4 categories, and the finalists will be selected for the Grand Final in London in February half term 2023!

At a time when many dancers might be feeling unsure of their future and anxious to achieve a place at upper school, the Performance Platform will award access to additional training through bursaries, contacts and scholarships alongside a myriad of other awards that will inspire and reassure the next generation of talent in the UK.

A special feature of this competition will be the exciting launch of our brand-new mentoring awards. The successful dancers and their families will be mentored throughout their journey by a professional ballet dancer. Young dancers will be able to learn and grow from individuals with years of experience in the industry.

Family and friends will be able to purchase tickets for day two of the Performance Platform, so everyone will be able to share the joy the young dancers bring to the stage!

The Performance Platform is designed to inspire the next generation of talented young dancers, giving them an insight into what it entails to be a professional ballet dancer.

The Performance Platform is about growth, opportunity and inspiration. We are excited to see you there.