A Dancers Journey through The Performance Platform

Preliminary competition

There will be a masterclass, for each section, on the first day of the competition, focussing on developing and nurturing artistic and performance skills.

Dancers have the opportunity to settle into their performance space and learn from exciting guest teachers.

Within the context of a regular class the dancers will be taken on a journey of self-discovery that will enhance their performance skills and understanding of what the professional world looks for in a performer.

For more information, please see here.

Teachers of dancers attending will be invited to observe the masterclass and then booking will open to all dance teachers wishing to attend as part of their CPD and networking opportunities.


NB. Should you not be able to attend this day it does not exclude you from entering the competition still.

Dancers will perform their solos in their age groups which will take place in front of an expert panel.

Your chosen classical solo needs to be taken from the list provided here.

When choosing your solo, we recommend choosing one you feel you will enjoy dancing, consider what your strengths are and the style that suits you. Then enjoy the process of learning and developing it at home along with your teacher. This in itself is a wonderful opportunity to develop yourself as an artist and teaches many skills.

Teachers please feel free to adapt solos to suit the dancers’ ability in the first two age groups particularly.

Costumes for the preliminary competition will be entirely up to you.

Please remember it’s your technical and artistic performance that will be judged and not the costume; so please do wear what suits you and absolutely do not worry about expensive costumes.

After each section there will then be a couple of performances for all to enjoy followed by the allocation of awards.

Dancers are very welcome to become audience members for sections they are not dancing in, though tickets will be required, it’s another wonderful opportunity to observe friends and support each other. Naturally no costumes to be worn in the auditorium – there will be a lunch break between the first two sections and the older two.

Day two will be a ticketed audience, with more information to follow nearer the time.

Judges will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize as well as present awards for Musicality, Out Standing Performer, Artistry in each category.


The Grand Final London

A masterclass for all successful students will be held on Day 1 in their respective category.

This will focus on Artistic elements but will now be judged by the panel and will include observation of technical skill alongside the further development of the dancers as artists.

This is ticketed and open to all to observe as audience members.

Dancers will present two solos at the Grand Final.

Their classical solo could be a different one from the selected list.

Additionally, a contemporary solo is to be performed at the final.

This can be taken from existing repertoire (permission to perform this will be up to the student to obtain, if needed), or a choreographed piece by a teacher or the student themselves. Maximum length 2mins. Any style of contemporary dance is acceptable.

After a couple of interim performances, the dancers will return to the stage to be presented with their awards.

Dancers are to remain in their costumes please.

In many cases further detailed information will follow shortly after the event but the dancers will be informed of their awards at the time whilst on stage.

Please see the awards page for all information on the various awards on offer.

Judges will award a wide variety of scholarships, mentorships and many other opportunities across associate programmes,  summer schools, auditions and other schools. Alongside a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in each section and an overall Ultimate Performance Award.

Please see the Awards page for further information.