Awards & Opportunities

Preliminary Awards

1st, 2nd and 3rd in each Category.

All dancer's receive a detailed feedback report from the panel.

Announcement of those attending the Grand Final.

Grand Final Awards

Pre Vocational

1st, 2nd and 3rd

Oustanding Performance award and £300 towards training.

National Youth Ballet invite to final with potential funded place.

London Childrens Ballet - tickets to the show.

Mentoring for a year from industry professionals.

Pre-Vocational Awards/Scholarships to various Associate programmes across the UK.

Insight days and workshop Awards.

Yorkshire Ballet seminar invite to final audition.

One Fully funded Summer School place the Perfomance Platform Summer School.

One fully funded place to Ballet Boost Easter course.

One 100% Scholarship for tuition costs for Kings International Summer Intensive 2023 

An associate place on Kings International Pre Vocational Associate Course 2023-2024 with a 50% discount

A week’s free residency on Kings International Full Time Course which acts as an audition for the Professional Dancers Diploma Course.


Capezio Goodie Bags for all finalists.

Vocational 1, 2 & Pre Professional

1st,2nd and 3rd per Category.

Oustanding Perfromance award - trophy and £300 towards training.

Mentorship Awards – year long support from an industry professional. 

National Youth Ballet - invite to audition with potential funding.

Yorkshire Ballet Seminars invite to finals.

English National Ballet School - invite to final audition where appropriate.

Central School of Ballet - invites to funded Easter course and auditions.

Rambert School - Invite to summer course.

London Childrens Ballet - tickets to the show.

2x 50% Scholarships to The Academy of Balletic Arts – Vocational 1 and Vocational 2

1x 80% Scholarship to train in the Rambert Contemporary Grades with Ballet Boost in Collaboration with Rambert School.

2x 30% Scholarships to attend any Ballet Boost Associate Venue for a year.

1x 30% Scholarships to the Competition Coaching Camp Summer 23 for Pre Professional category

2x 15% Scholarships to the Competition Coaching Camp for Vocational 1 and 2.

A week’s free residency on Kings International Post Graduate Course which acts as an audition for the Post Graduate Course

One Capezio Award across the three Categories for Oustanding use of Dynamics – A Full dance kit from Capezio!


Capezio Goodie bags for all finalists.


Grand Final Panel for 2024 

The Royal Ballet School - R. Hunt

English National Ballet School - D. Yow

The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland - K. Livingstone

Tring Park School - L. Jones

Rambert School - A. Britten

Elmhurst Ballet School - J. Barwick

Central School of Ballet - B. Warbis

London Vocational Ballet School - G. Mcaig

The Hammond School - W. Lockwood

National Youth Ballet - L. Bennett

Yorkshire Ballet Seminars - C. Robinson

The Academy of Balletic Arts - A.Young

London Childrens ballet - Ruth Brill


We are delighted that most schools have their Artistic Directors attending this year as a show of support for this competition and UK talent!

There may always be schedule changes which means an alternative member of staff will attend instead, but this is the plan for 2024. We can't wait to see you all there.

Please do come and watch even if you don't have a competitior dancing, as some students form these schools will also be showcasing their students, providing further insight for potential schools you might wish to apply for in the future.

In Collaboration with:

Yorkshire Ballet Seminars

National Youth Ballet of Great Britain

Ballet Boost

Central School of Ballet

The Hammond School


London Childrens Ballet

Rambert School (Panel)

Elmhurst Ballet School (Panel)

English National Ballet School (Panel)



Ballet Boost

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